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My wife Pat and I are proud owners of an used 2015 Tesla Model S. Since owning the car, we've invested into Tesla, and encourge a driving experience.

Personal Tesla notes

We've had our 2015 P85D for just over 3 months in perfect weather (little AC), but still managed 13k miles. Disclosure: We where, and still are, so impressed that two weeks after owning the car, we invested into Tesla.

I've been encouraging friends and associates to actually drive the Tesla!

New driver's pre-flight check list:

Averaged 281wh/m for 13k miles (119 MPGe).

170 miles on less than 70% of available energy.

I'm an Electrical Engineer, so when possible, prefer test actual ranges made, and not rely on estimates!

Tesal Investing

My hope is that Tesla will continue to invest every dollar into infrastructure, therefore, I'm not expecting any profit taking soon. I understand their profit margin on the Model 3 is only 18%, way below automotive manufacturing to customer margins. This is a long term very important investment in our future.

Tesal Referral Program

Although Tesla doesn't spend money on advertising, it does have a referral program good for 2000 miles of free Super Charging. Should you decide to buy, please use my code:

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