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Good requirements are the key all projects, specially the for engineering process itself. Requirements are in terms of available capabilities. Long before the project exists, during a proposal stage, any new capabilities are researched and existing capabilities are reviewed to be considered for a potentially new project.

Emphasis is placed on ECM files containing capabilities. Once the basic capability exists, even if only planned, it can be used to propose a project.


Visibility at every level keeps projects on track. This becomes more difficult as projects grow and outsourcing plays ever larger rolls. A requirements management suite becomes required. Tracking changes and reporting to those who need to know.

Gathering all the critical requirements to avoid partial solutions. Not doing so is repeating a major issue and the first requirement below. Consider a complete scope from conception, to design, to production, to operation, return to service, to replacement. The basic requirements of an engineering process are:

Requirement impact

How does accepting or changing a specific requirement impact the overall project scope and overall company strategy. On the other hand, how does not accepting a requirement impact the system. The process must include the impact caused to those supporting each effort. The requirement impact is the most critical part of any process.

Priority impact

Impact from changing priorities shall be made visible to all effected including other projects.

Full up front requirement traceability

A requirement can not be selected without the full traceability in place. Hence, the capability must exist and its dependencies met. If capability isn't in place, there must be some research to derive the capability. Finally a capability is available for all projects.

True cost and schedule tracking

Project schedule and cost is an integrated part of all processes. The project time line is directly connected to the project traceability. Track actual effort spent on issues, not just the charge number assigned. Consider including the all the duplicate efforts and answering the same questions over and over again.

Engineering judgments and risks

Individual evaluations of systems need to be included for both the projects and for personal evaluation. When concerns actually materialize some credit needs to be given to those who gave the warnings.

Risk, Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), and life expectancy analysis

A risk needs to be automated and part of the requirements tool. In needs to be able to support degraded operations, functionality, and risk management.


A good requirements tool shall not rule out options, but allow easy evaluation of each options. Even automate the transition of options.

Acquiring capabilities

Acquiring capabilities must be fully integrated into the requirements tool.

Out-sourcing or In-house

True evaluation of any source must be standardized. Whether its in house or an out sourced item.

Capabilities delivered

Attach capabilities delivered to the performance record for an objective performance appraisal. Consider bonus hours for capabilities usage across projects.

Full accountability including tracking, penalties and bonus

Track commitments and establish bonus and penalties rules and limitations.

Time tracking management

A reflective time tracking system is required. One that can feed the companies current system to maintain continuity. Consider a temporary system which removes several restrictions found in typical companies.

Support tracking

Who is needing who's help and the transfer of hours accordingly. This needs to include the "Interrupt Context Switch" time. An informal trading has always existed, formalize it and track it.

Support trading and investments

Allow individual investments in specific capabilities, so the capability is operational when requested. This allows genuine individual investments into what is needed.

Subsystem bidding

Allowing bidding on suppling a capability. Allowing approved function suppliers and in house individuals equal access to needed capabilities.

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