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Demonstrated: distributed database conveyor emulation


Evaluate the ECM process with your current processes. Suggest considering simple metric measuring system for the evaluation. The custom all electronic requirement system based on electronically maintained capabilities. It formalizes traditional methods targetting issues and Lessons Learned into a pragmatic electronic form. The scope can be more complete and manageable then many of the academic solutions.


The ECM process avoids proprietary software and file formats. The core of the system shall be GPLv3 Electronic Capability Manager (ECM) files. Preferences to W3C, HTML, RFC, POSIX and IEEE supported systems.


A limited scope needs to be identified for a demonstration purposes.

Volunteer Projects

One or more projects must be willing to consider using this process for a portion of their needs.

Engineers and Technicians

Several volunteer engineers and technicians will be required, albeit part time here and there. This may include some core infrastructure support people depending on your network.

Time tracking

The ECM time tracking system shall be used along with the current system. Proper tracking supports the metrics and overall motivation.


Releases are automated from the ECM system.

Simple User Interface

X11 and a minimal HTML Web status is supported.

Internet Access

A server outside the gateway with SSH (Secure Shell) access is required during any support periods.

Consider Experimental

Consider an ECM process experimental, and parallel to the current system, specially until ECM becomes more mature.

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