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Demonstrated: distributed database conveyor emulation


The only metrics that count are schedule and cost. Motivation must be directly tied to metrics.

The use of pseudo metrics has little correlation with schedule and costs. The comparison between engineering processes requires a common metric. The proposal outlines the plan and addresses many of the issues not sufficiently covered by many systems, most especially motivation.

In the end, the only metrics that count are requirements, schedule and cost. Derived and pseudo metrics are misleading. Decisions typically are not being properly being reflected in requirements, cost and schedule, this is particularly dangerous across larger projects.

Derived and pseudo metrics

Source Lines Of Code (SLOC), minimal inventories, third party COTS,,, all have failed attaining the primary goal of lower and predictable costs. The attempt to grip tighter on process leaves Technical leads unable to concentrate on engineering issues. Effectively killing the concept of a Technical Lead in these projects. Often the metrics themselves do not show how much effort is being lost to metrics.

The real cost of doing business

The real cost of doing business is often lost. Consider our proposal.

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