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Demonstrated: distributed database conveyor emulation

Lesson Learned

Minimal dependencies

Effort goes up exponentially with every added dependency.


Standardization can only be considered if it can support all the requirements. Choose standards carefully before committing down a path.

Planned obsolescence

Planned obsolescence can be deadly if you need to support your product in the long term. Specially with the newest electronics not having as long expected life. Attempting to deliver product on equipment we currently can not maintain. Some companies are able to upgrade software in a 20 year old flight computers. The difference is planned support verses planned obsolescence.

Thermal problems

Correlating thermal trends to failures is critical for safety critical computers. Automating testing and collecting all the relevant data is required.

Automated Optimization

Automated optimization of processes can be extremely effective. However, all the key components and dependencies must be available to achieve great successes.
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