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The term Capabilities as used in this context is anything and everything that can be delivered or used. Generally Capabilities include personnel, equipment, hardware, computers, software, systems of any kind, lab equipment, tools, and any third party resource. More often then not a given Capability has associated costs, risks, restrictions, and dependencies on other Capabilities.

Capabilities can be existing, planned, outsourced, etc. A planned capability is dependant on some effort to complete. An outsourced capability needs to be ordered.


All but the most basic capabilities are dependent on other capabilities. Linking of capabilities are performed almost continually through a development process. System trace-ability starts at the dependency level.

Responsibility, reputation, and risk

The reputation of the source plays an important roll in selecting a Capability. The amount of success in delivering a Capability feeds the reputation. The ECM accountability combined with referrals make up the bulk of a sources reputation.

Expiration and Obsolescence

A Capability shall be considered expired or obsolete if it or any dependencies become expired or obsolete. This visibility shall be maintained to prevent surprises and reduce risks.


Visibility is given to a Capability when its announced to others. The announcement can be very specific or to a specific group. Such as when a technician becomes qualified for a certain soldering tasks. The testing authority announces the new capability for the lab he works. Another example is a network hardware device has a Capability required by software device driver. The hardware department supplies the Capability which the software group is dependant.

Electronic Capability Manager (ECM)

Capabilities with their respective costs, risks, limitations, dependencies, and descriptions can be maintained electronically by the ECM file.

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