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Demonstrated: distributed database conveyor emulation


Potential benefits to customer/vendor relations, medium to large projects and individuals.


Standardizing on how capabilities are to be communicated, simplifies and better ensures exactly what is available. Vendors now can concentrate only on the capabilities they need to market. Manual and automated capability searches are made trivial through this mechanism.


Projects can reuse capabilities much more effectively without much hand holding. This became very clear on a Distributed Database project. Results are based from this and other previous projects using portions of capabilities concept. Often giving extra time and allowing many alternate solutions will be presented.


Far better resource utilization with a far better reputation for delivery of complex systems. This coincides almost directly with the CMMI processes. Plus get the full benefit from the gurus in your organization.


The more productive individual can benefit with better compensation and a more flexible environment. The less productive individual now has an actual incentive to become productive. The gurus and support people are recognized for the the companies dependence, service and hours given. For all, a clearer picture and better control over their environment.
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